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Buffer and hydrolisis container

Quality to meet the highest standards

Buffer or hydrolysis containers installed upstream of biogas plants place the highest demands on the container material and sealant. Our many years of experience in a wide variety of applications means we can provide you with competent advice in this area. Protection of the concrete foundation with stainless steel or plastic flooring completes our scope of delivery.
Mostly V4A stainless steel materials are used.

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Technology Accessories


stainless steel pressure roof / heavy-duty roof

Fermenters with central agitators, digesters and anaerobic reactors are equipped with V4A pressure roofs. Typical design pressures are -3 mbar to +25 mbar. The surfaces in contact with gas are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L). The hot-dip galvanised external rafter is designed according to static requirements. Our product portfolio includes central crown rings in various diameters, meaning complete agitators with blades can be pulled out of the shaft. Access to the roof is made possible via walkways.


Emission control roof

Covering the slurry silo with a roof membrane reduces odour and protects against precipitation.

Features / design:

  • The centre support is made of hardwood, the base plate and all fasteners are made of stainless steel.


  • Openings / manholes are possible in the desired number and size.


  • We offer roof cladding in two colours: grey and green.


For connection of the pipeline, we use nozzles with external loose flange or internal fixed flange. The surfaces in contact with the medium are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L).
We also design and install special customer-specific solutions.


Manhole / roof hatch

For inspection and maintenance work on the tank or technical installations, we recommend installing a manhole in the lower ring. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 28765, covered tanks must have a manhole DN 800. Manholes can be epoxy-coated or made of V4A stainless steel. In addition to lateral manholes, roofs can be supplied with various hatches. For gas depots, doors are also available. 



With a ladder, various operating points on your tank can be easilyreached. The standard material is hot-dip galvanised steel; on request, however, stainless steel or fibreglass (GfK) versions are also available. Alternative access options such as winding staircase, spiral staircases or staircase towers are available. 


Submersible agitator

We offer submersible agitators in various performance classes up to 22 KW.
Sinking and floating layers are stirred quickly and thoroughly.
The unit operates in a submerged setting and thus produces only a low-level of emissions.