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Fermented fodder silo

Optimisation of labour

Fully automatic feeding for beef cattle – with a HARVESTORE tower silo, you can benefit from all the system’s advantages and economy of labour. For grass and maize silage, for lucerne or haylage.

According to your requirements and operational conditions, various top and bottom unloading technologies are available for removal - and have been for over 50 years.

Current references

Technology Accessories


Removal technology - bottom unloader for fermented fodder

With the Harvestore bottom unloader system, you can fill and feed all year round. According to the “first in – first out” principle, the silo can be refilled at any time – as fodder accumulates. Grass is always cut, harvested and conserved at the right time. Harvestore allows you to achieve optimum fodder all year round.  You can choose between the long-proven ALLIANCE top unloader and the new XL unloader with higher removal capacity.


Removal technology - top unloader

Our robust top unloaders offer you a wider range of applications than bottom unloaders in terms of cutting length and dry matter of your silage. The use of modern suction fans also helps to achieve high removal capacities in this connection. Optimal for use in conjunction with a feeding robot.


Filling technology - turbine blower

By using a high-performance turbine blower of the latest generation, you can achieve filling capacities of up to 100 t/h. By powering the turbine via a tractor’s power take-off and mounting it on a chassis, you are flexible and can fill silos at several locations with one blower. The range of applications extends from grain and grain maize to grass and maize silage.


Breathing system

Fluctuations in temperature naturally cause pressure fluctuations in the system.In order to minimise the loss of CO2, it is absorbed by the externally suspended breathing bag and released back into the silo once the pressure is equalised. The bag additionally serves to check the tightness of the entire system.