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Digestate depot

Durable and extendible

Our digestate depots are made of glass-enamelled steel segments or stainless steel segments. Both materials are durably resistant to slurry and digestates; this also applies to covered containers. We construct our silos in a manner that facilitates subsequent extension if necessary. This gives our customers a high degree of flexibility for new developments. Individual components are just as much a part of our range as complete systems including covers and pump/agitator technology. We also offer two installation options: complete installation by our team, or joint installation by one of our expert supervisors together with a pre-agreed proportion of in-house work by the customer.


Digestate depots are available in various sizes and dimensions:
silo volume from 200 m³ - 20,000 m³
diameter from 7.70 m – 50.00 m
height from 2.80 m - 10.00 m

Current references

Technology Accessories


Double-membrane roof

Double-membrane roofs consist of an outer foil for weather protection and an inner foil for gas storage. The weather protection foil, which protects the gas storage membrane against weather effects, has its form maintained by a supporting air blower. The belt substructure prevents the gas depot from being submerged in the substrate. Operating pressures of up to 20 mbar are possible depending on the film quality, and the various configurations of the membrane facilitate high storage volumes.


Emission control roof

Covering the slurry silo with a roof membrane reduces odour and protects against precipitation.

Features / design:

  • The centre support is made of hardwood, the base plate and all fasteners are made of stainless steel.


  • Openings / manholes are possible in the desired number and size.


  • We offer roof cladding in two colours: grey and green.

Hexa-Cover Floating Covers

We are an authorised dealer for Hexa-Cover Floating Covers. Hexa-Cover is a DLG-approved (German Agricultural Society) emission control cover which enables emission reduction of up to 95%.

Hexa-Cover is impressively versatile and can be used in elevated tanks as well as in lagoons.Please also see our Hexa-Cover product specification sheet.



For connection of the pipeline, we use nozzles with external loose flange or internal fixed flange. The surfaces in contact with the medium are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L).
We also design and install special customer-specific solutions.


Manhole slurry silo

For inspection and maintenance work on the tank – especially in the case of taller and/or covered tanks – or technical installations, we recommend installing a manhole in the lower tank ring.


Hydraulic pressure protection

We build our DEKRA-approved overpressure and underpressure protection systems for a wide variety of installation sites. These can be integrated – so as to be impervious to frost – or externally mounted on the tank. An externally positioned design is also possible. The response pressure, maximum pressure and maximum volume flow are considered according to your requirements; the pressure protection is designed and built accordingly. On request, we can examine the system on our test bench and prepare a corresponding report. We can also carry out an individual acceptance test in cooperation with DEKRA.



With a ladder, various operating points on your tank can be easilyreached. The standard material is hot-dip galvanised steel; on request, however, stainless steel or fibreglass (GfK) versions are also available. Alternative access options such as winding staircase, spiral staircases or staircase towers are available. 


Submersible agitator

We offer submersible agitators in various performance classes up to 22 KW.
Sinking and floating layers are stirred quickly and thoroughly.
The unit operates in a submerged setting and thus produces only a low-level of emissions.


Built-in agitator

The unit is driven by the power take-off of a tractor. The agitator is flange-mounted directly on the tank wall. Depending on drive power and design, the agitator is available with vibration absorbers, various mountings and blade dimensions.


Filling and removal stations

Depending on the requirements of the licensing authority or the customer’s wishes, filling and removal is carried out via or through the tank wall. We are flexible with regard to the diameter and design of the gate valves.