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Digestate depot

Durable and extendible

Our digestate depots are made of glass-enamelled steel segments or stainless steel segments. Both materials are durably resistant to slurry and digestates; this also applies to covered tanks. We construct our silos in a manner that facilitates subsequent extension if necessary. This gives our customers a high degree of flexibility for new developments. Individual components are just as much a part of our range as complete systems including covers and pump/agitator technology. We also offer two installation options: complete installation by our team, or joint installation by one of our expert supervisors together with a pre-agreed proportion of in-house work by the customer.


Digestate depots are available in various sizes and dimensions:
silo volume from 200 m³ - 20,000 m³
diameter from 7.70 m – 50.00 m
height from 2.80 m - 10.00 m

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