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MBM silo

Enamelling and removal technology guarantee a long service life

One of our company’s specialities is the construction of silos and removal technology for the storage of MBM and/or blood meal. This has now been the case for over 30 years. Due to the difficult nature of discharge from the container, the advantages of glass-enamelled steel segments become especially clear here. By using bottom unloaders in combination with stainless steel discharge augers, we guarantee a long service life and high operational reliability of the removal technology.

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Technology Accessories


Removal technology - bottom unloader with discharge by auger

For heavy-flowing bulk materials such as wet maize, soy and rapeseed meal, MBM and blood meal, we use our well-renowned bottom unloader in conjunction with discharge by auger. The silo removal auger enables us to achieve a high removal capacity and additionally relieves the chains of the bottom unloader.
The unloader is switched on to resolve bridging and for residual emptying.


Filling technology - elevator

Filling silos using a bucket elevator, screw conveyors and/or trough chain conveyors ensures gentle handling of your bulk materials with maximum performance and optimal energy efficiency.
At the same time, safe access for maintenance work is facilitated.
On request, we can provide you with complete solutions for acceptance, cleaning and conveyor technology from renowned manufacturers.