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Anaerobic tank

An individual product through the combination of proven solutions

Anaerobic tanks built by us to date have been of dimensions between 200 m³ and 1,200 m³. We use bolted segment plates in 316 and 304 qualities as well as enamelled plates.

The pressure-tight stainless steel roofs are designed to withstand overpressure of 25 - 50 mbar as the standard. The gas-tightness of each stainless steel roof is inspected and documented.
For separators provided by customers, we supply load-lifting beams in coated steel or stainless steel.
We carry out static verification of the load-lifting beam as well as its design, production and assembly.

Tank construction is rounded off with a wide range of individual components such as manholes, nozzles, hydraulic safety devices, staircases, walkways, insulation, special building components and double-membrane depots.

Current references

Technology Accessories


stainless steel pressure roof / heavy-duty roof

Fermenters with central agitators, digesters and anaerobic reactors are equipped with V4A pressure roofs. Typical design pressures are -3 mbar to +25 mbar. The surfaces in contact with gas are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L). The hot-dip galvanised external rafter is designed according to static requirements. Our product portfolio includes central crown rings in various diameters, meaning complete agitators with blades can be pulled out of the shaft. Access to the roof is made possible via walkways.


Double-membrane roof

Double-membrane roofs consist of an outer foil for weather protection and an inner foil for gas storage. The weather protection foil, which protects the gas storage membrane against weather effects, has its form maintained by a supporting air blower. The belt substructure prevents the gas depot from being submerged in the substrate. Operating pressures of up to 20 mbar are possible depending on the film quality, and the various configurations of the membrane facilitate high storage volumes.


Mixing flange

The central mixing flange is used to hold the central agitator. It is designed in consultation with the supplier of the agitator. The surfaces in contact with gas are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L). Mixer flanges are available in various sizes and are levelled and adjusted on site.


Sight glass

Lateral sight glasses allow visual inspection of the surface of the medium. Lateral sight glasses are supplied as double sight glasses with water connection. Sight glasses may optionally be equipped with a wiper, external lamp or camera.



For connection of the pipeline, we use nozzles with external loose flange or internal fixed flange. The surfaces in contact with the medium are made of V4A, 1.4404 (AISI 316L).
We also design and install special customer-specific solutions.


Pipeline construction

To ensure an optimal construction process, we offer our customers delivery and installation of piping construction on and in the tank during assembly.
The pipelines are designed according to customer’s desires and specifications.


Manhole / roof hatch

For inspection and maintenance work on the tank or technical installations, we recommend installing a manhole in the lower ring. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 28765, covered tanks must have a manhole DN 800. Manholes can be epoxy-coated or made of V4A stainless steel. In addition to lateral manholes, roofs can be supplied with various hatches. For gas depots, doors are also available. 


Hydraulic pressure protection

We build our DEKRA-approved overpressure and underpressure protection systems for a wide variety of installation sites. These can be integrated – so as to be impervious to frost – or externally mounted on the tank. An externally positioned design is also possible. The response pressure, maximum pressure and maximum volume flow are considered according to your requirements; the pressure protection is designed and built accordingly. On request, we can examine the system on our test bench and prepare a corresponding report. We can also carry out an individual acceptance test in cooperation with DEKRA.


Tank jacket staircase

With a tank jacket staircase, various operating points on your tank can be easily reached. The standard material is hot-dip galvanised steel; on request, however, stainless steel versions are also available. We supply winding staircase in widths of 800 mm and 1,000 mm. Alternative access options such as ladders, spiral staircases or staircase towers are available. 


Spiral staircase

With a spiral staircase, various operating points on your tank can be easily reached. The standard material is hot-dip galvanised steel; on request, however, stainless steel versions are also available. Alternative access options such as ladders, winding staircase or staircase towers are available. 



We offer walkways in various designs. Polygonal walkways on the jacket or straight/sloping roof walkways are designed in accordance with EN 14122. We use standard widths of 800 mm or 1,000 mm. Walkways and platforms have gratings according to R12.They are connected to the tank wall via the substructure.


Jacket and roof insulation

We supply jacket and roof insulation in different insulation thicknesses and with steel or aluminium trapezoidal sheet metal. The roofs are clad with smooth sheet metal. Trapezoidal sheet manufacturers offer a wide choice of standard colours. Special colours can be achieved through powder coating, for example. The manhole is fitted with a removable manhole cap as standard.